100-Hour Aircraft Inspection

100-Hour Inspection (FAR 91.409)

The 100-hour inspection is required for aircraft:

  • That carry any person (other than a crew member) for hire; or
  • That are provided by any person giving flight instruction for hire.

The phrase “for hire” refers to the person, not the aircraft. An FAR Part 91 example of a person carried for hire is an aerial photography flight.

If a flight instructor provides an aircraft, or any operation that supplies both flight instruction and an aircraft, that aircraft is subject to the 100-hour inspection. An aircraft provided by the (student) pilot, who is receiving instruction, is not subject to the 100-hour inspection.

The 100-hour limit may be exceeded by 10 hours for the purposes of flying to a place where the inspection can be done. The excess time must be included in computing the next 100 hours of time in service.